Mystery Technique

Mystery Technique #39


Curious about how this was done? Check back next month for the explanation.

ANSWER TO MYSTERY TECHNIQUE #38: This is a preview of a new wall sculpture. I began by making some linear marks with diluted white acrylic ink on 300 lb. hot press watercolor paper. After this layer dried, I wet the paper and mixed Granulation Medium with various granulating watercolors, including Daniel Smith’s Sodalite Genuine, my favorite of their PRIMATEK series. The dark shape is a cutout that reveals part of the layer underneath.

Mystery Technique

Mystery Technique #38

MT#38, ©Elizabeth Sanford

Curious about how this was done? Check back next month for the explanation.

ANSWER TO MYSTERY TECHNIQUE #37: I used a Japanese screw punch to punch out all the small circles. Here’s what it looks like:

Mystery tool, ©Elizabeth Sanford


Mystery Technique

Mystery Technique #37

Turning Colors II, ©2015 Elizabeth Sanford

Want to know how I created the looping lines on this flexicube? Check back next month for the explanation.

ANSWER TO MYSTERY TECHNIQUE #36: This is a sneak preview of part of a origami flexicube that I’ll be sending off to an exhibition next month: it’s part of a skink’s head. I began with Permanent Masking Fluid to save the white lines; after it dried, I painted the ground with a mixture of Daniel Smith’s PRIMATEK mineral pigments and Granulation Medium. Next I painted the skink and used a damp piece of sponge to remove some of the paint from the white lines. The last step was adding stippling with a black Pitt pen.

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Hello Hedi, Part II!

Backyard Food Chain II, 10.25 x 10 x 1 in., watermedia on paper, ©2015 Elizabeth Sanford

Here’s my Hello Hedi entry. It was fun revisiting Backyard Food Chain by combining Hedi Kyle’s flag structure with a tunnel book. I really enjoy the way the story changes as you turn the pages, although it was challenging to figure out how to make all the panels work together.


Backyard Food Chain II, detail, ©2015 Elizabeth Sanford

Notice the zebra swallowtail caterpillar peeking out from behind a branch?


Backyard Food Chain II, detail #2, ©2015 Elizabeth Sanford

That’s a tufted titmouse on the last panel.

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Opening Tonight!


I’m so thrilled to be in this show; wish I be there for the opening!

Here’s a link to the catalog: