Mystery Technique #36

MT#36, ©Elizabeth Sanford

Want to learn more about how this was done? Check back next month for the explanation.

ANSWER TO MYSTERY TECHNIQUE #35: I began by using plastic wrap to apply a little gesso for a slight texture; after it dried, I added a layer  of diluted yellow acrylic ink. All the other colors came out of one tube of paint – Daniel Smith’s Serpentine Genuine, one of their PRIMATEK mineral pigments. I also added some Granulation Medium for more texture.

Mystery Technique #35

Mystery Technique#35, ©Elizabeth Sanford

Want to learn more about how this was done? Check back next month for the explanation.

ANSWER TO MYSTERY TECHNIQUE #34: This is an experiment with ice painting, which I did during our frigid February. I first learned of this technique from an article about Kathleen Conover; find out more here:

Last Workshop of the Spring!

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My last workshop of the spring is tomorrow! Here’s the info if you’d like to join us:


at Plaza Artist Materials 

Saturday, April 119:30am – 3:30pm    

$50 – all supplies provided

To register, contact Elizabeth at

Learn the practical side of color theory! Begin by focusing on basic properties that affect the way color works in any medium. Discover how to see color more accurately and how to mix the colors you want more consistently. Find out how simplifying your palette can make color mixing a more rewarding experience.

Opening Tonight!

Reshaping the Shadows-Looking for Signs, detail, ©2014 Elizabeth Sanford

Reshaping-the-Shadows-Looking-for-Signs-watermedia on paper-22in-by-18in-by-8in-©2014-Elizabeth-Sanford

Reshaping-the-Shadows-Looking-for-Signs-watermedia on paper-22in-by-18in-by-8in-©2014-Elizabeth-Sanford


Backyard Food Chain, detail, ©Elizabeth Sanford

Backyard Food Chain, 9x7x5.5in, watermedia, ©2013 Elizabeth Sanford


Tonight is the opening reception for the Dogwood Art Regional Fine Art Exhibition! I’m honored that Mark Scala, chief curator at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, chose these 2 sculptures of mine to be part of this show; it’s at the Emporium Center through April 25, so drop by if you’re planning to be in Knoxville this month!

Find out more here:

Festival Photos!

Lantern Fest, ©2015 Elizabeth Sanford


The Nashville Lantern Nashville was a big success! Here’s part of the Lantern Display in the old gym; my 3 largest lanterns are in blue.

Lantern Fest2, ©2015 Elizabeth Sanford


We used color-changing bulbs in some of the larger ones; the people give a sense of scale.


lantern fest, ©2015 Johnny Gerhart


Thanks to Johnny Gerhart for this photo taken right after the Lantern Parade; that’s the front of West End Middle School behind us.