Free Workshop, ARTFIX Feature, New Exhibit and More!


Isn’t this a gorgeous catalog? I’m so thrilled to be part of this amazing show! Get a sneak preview here:



What a lovely surprise to see my work featured on ARTFIX daily!  Read all about it here, and find out why 20,000 is my new favorite number:


Reshaping the Shadows-Unseen Omens, ©2014, Elizabeth Sanford

It’s such an honor to be featured in Maxine Masterfield’s Spirit of Experimental Art, and it’s free to subscribe! The topic this time is “The Power of Observation,” so this piece, Reshaping the Shadows: Unseen Omens, is especially appropriate. I’m in the Finding Inspiration section; get your subscription here:


I’m offering quite a few workshops this summer, including a free one at the Green Hills Library; find out the details here:

Workshops & Classes


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