Meet me at OZ Arts!

Tales from the Anthropocene, side 2, ©Elizabeth Sanford

Come and see the amazing Modular Art Pods at OZ Arts Nashville! I was lucky enough to collaborate with Patricia Earnhardt; I did the outside, and she did the inside. Ours is a 6-foot cube called Tales of the Anthropocene; the event runs through June 25. Read more about it on Tony Youngblood’s site:

and here:


Tales from the Anthropocene,side 2, ©Elizabeth Sanford


Tales from the Anthropocene, detail, ©Elizabeth Sanford


Be sure to check out Joseph Hazelwood’s amazing video installation on vintage TVs in the Escaparte if you go. Here’s a shot of our segment taken through our “sneak preview” cube; that’s me in the cobalt blue shirt.


Tales from the Anthropocene,Escaparte ©Elizabeth Sanford

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