Free March Workshop, Pod People Reunion and More!

2017 Lantern Festival, ©Elizabeth Sanford


What a treat to have a mini reunion with the work of Beth Reitmeyer and Chip Boles, 2 of my fellow Pod People from last summer’s Modular Art Pods Event at OZ Arts! We all had pieces in the Hall of Lanterns at the Nashville Lantern Festival earlier this month; it was fun seeing 2 of my lanterns tucked in-between some of Beth’s Geodes and having “Steve” point the way to my 6-foot lantern at the end of the hall.


Lantern Festival 2017 #1, ©Elizabeth Sanford


Lantern Festival 2017 #4, ©Elizabeth Sanford


Reitmeyer's Geodes


Interested in learning something new in March? I’m teaching a free workshop called The Secret Side of Books at the Green Hills Library on March 4, a 6-week watercolor class starting March 5 at Plaza and a Practical Color Theory workshop on March 11. Find out more here:

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