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Mystery Technique #65



Want to know what special tools I used to paint this? You can find out next month if you’ve signed up for email updates!



Here’s my Japanese paperweight in action!



Although these are typically used to keep lightweight papers from shifting during delicate brushwork, mine help me manipulate how the paper buckles. I like to work with lots of water on unstretched paper, which makes the paper form hills and valleys that evaporate at different rates. The patterns preserved in the paint remind me of the traces water leaves behind in the landscape.

Narrow Escapes and Upcoming Classes!



Unexpected visitors certainly changed all my plans for the end of this month — early on the 23rd, a big oak in the woods toppled and  brought parts of several other trees with it to crash into the house! Fortunately, the downed wires didn’t cause a fire and my car only suffered minor damage. I felt incredibly lucky when I saw this hole in the ceiling right over where my bed had been; we moved it on the 19th!




I’m hoping for less drama in 2018; I’m certainly looking forward to teaching a wide range of classes, including a Beginning Watercolor workshop on January 20th. This one sold out the last time I offered it, so sign up soon if you’re interested! Find out details about all my Winter and Spring classes here:

Workshops & Classes

Mystery Technique #64



I bought this handy tool years ago; want to know what is and how it helps me paint? You can find out next month if you’ve signed up for email updates!



Both #62 and #63 use white fluid acrylic paint and part of a thin plastic bag to create texture. Last time, I put the white layer down first; this time, I started with a wet-in-wet layer of blue-gray with a little magenta. After it dried, I got the paper wet again and applied the diluted white on top of the dark layer. I then pressed part of a thin plastic bag onto the wet paint and manipulated the wrinkles in the plastic to vary the shapes. After the paint dried, I peeled off the plastic.