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Narrow Escapes and Upcoming Classes!



Unexpected visitors certainly changed all my plans for the end of this month — early on the 23rd, a big oak in the woods toppled and  brought parts of several other trees with it to crash into the house! Fortunately, the downed wires didn’t cause a fire and my car only suffered minor damage. I felt incredibly lucky when I saw this hole in the ceiling right over where my bed had been; we moved it on the 19th!




I’m hoping for less drama in 2018; I’m certainly looking forward to teaching a wide range of classes, including a Beginning Watercolor workshop on January 20th. This one sold out the last time I offered it, so sign up soon if you’re interested! Find out details about all my Winter and Spring classes here:

Workshops & Classes

Announcements Classes/Workshops

Sneak Previews!

My 2017 classes are over, so here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming in 2018! I’ve added a Beginning Watercolor workshop on January 20, and I’ll be offering 3 different ways to take Mixed Media, including as a weekly daytime class on Thursdays. Find out more next month!


tree8, ©Elizabeth Sanford


This has been a very different kind of Fall; instead of hiking in the woods, I’ve been recovering from my injuries. Luckily, I have plenty of memories and photos of other Falls; so I’ve just started a new painting series called Missing. You’ll find out  more about it next month.

Announcements Classes/Workshops

Watercolor Workshop at Owl’s Hill and More!



It’s a beautiful time of year to visit Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary, and I’ve got a watercolor workshop there this Saturday!

Find out all the details here:







And on November 18, I’ll be at Plaza Artist Materials for a Natural Abstractions workshop. Learn more here:



Happy Painting!