Mystery Technique #52


This is part of a new piece called Ground Stories. Are you curious about how it was done? I’ll explain next month, so be sure to sign up for email updates to find out!



I love to swim backstroke in the summer and look at the sky, especially when it’s filled with dramatic cumulus clouds. This Mystery Technique is a small section of a 30-inch wide sky painting.

I began by wetting the entire piece of paper and applying pale washes of yellow and pink. After they dried, I rewet the paper and started suggesting the cloud’s shape by painting around it with washes of blue; I also added multiple layers of bluish grays for the cloud’s shadows. To increase the illusion of depth, I added a mixture of cobalt and cerulean gouache to the top of the sky before transitioning to cerulean watercolor.  Using a spray bottle to partially wet the paper made it easier to mimic the irregular outline of the cloud’s edge.

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